10x scholská desiata, without ktorej sa výchá prestávka neráta

Pamätáme na časy, kedy was the top dessert at our school biely rožok so šunkou. Not surprisingly, there was nothing on the store counters at the time. Fortunately, this is not the case today, but even ten of our children and grandchildren can have a very beautiful picture.

Ciabatta with mozzarella and salad.

Photo: Varecha.sk

The school has already started, but parents okrem odšeční starostí riesia, čo stellé chystať potomkom na desiat. Bread with butter, ham and cheese is not a good idea, especially if you are full every school day. It needs something edited!

Be inspired by the flavors your kids will want to bring home. Among them are four-layer salty croissants with sourdough, fresh toppings, tramezzino sandwich with vegetable salad and pumpkin seeds, tuna sandwich, salt breads, toppings with avocado and meat, pizza slimáky, Vršatec salty strips or quickly. it’s a delicious tortilla filling. Ako malú ochnútavku článku we present the recipe for ciabatta with mozzarella and salad. All recipes can be found at this link.

Ciabatta with mozzarella and salad

Raw materials
500 g of mozzarella
1 piece of ice cream
1 piece of salad dubového
1 x cucumber salad
2 to 3 tomatoes
200 g mayonnaise
black roots on the ground
100 ml of olive oil
5 pcs small ciabatti


1. Cut mozzarella into slices, salt, season, pour olive oil. Ciabattu rozkrojíme, the inner parts are smeared with mayonnaise.

2. Cut the shallots into strips about 1 cm wide and mix in a bowl. Salt, season, pour a little oil. Cut the tomatoes and cucumbers into a thin bowl.

3. Put the salad on the bottom of the baguette, then put the mozzarella, cucumber, tomatoes, again a small salad and cover the top of the baguette.

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