12 foods that will turn your daughter-in-law into a CHUDNUTIE: Getting you closer to your goal!

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If you really want to lose weight, you should look at the whole process of losing weight as you live, not following a diet. Otherwise, it’s obvious if you like it. What else can help you lose weight?

You can try to lose weight in different ways, but by combining two things, you can achieve your goal. Pravidelný exercise and healthy eating!

Sometimes, however, the road to chudnutia can seem like a dead end. You have to change your routine to cope. It’s good news, already there are foods that will help you on your way to your destination. Nutritionists, known as “The Nutrition Twins” – Lyssie Lakatosová, RDN, CDN, CFT and Tammy Lakatos Shamesová, RDN, CDN, CFT, who are also members of the Association of Medical Professionals, talk about eating at eatthis.com, aby ste sa even more bríbližili k vytúženej postova.

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Divide the food into individual portions and refrigerate

Renting a lot of food may seem like a good buy at first, but nuti vás zjesť vlosto šče očer, ako uplynie ich doba sprebny. That’s why The Nutrition Twins recommends that when you get home, portion out any of your favorite meals and put them in the fridge.

“Keďže mrazené potraviné requires rozrazovanie, it prevents hasty eating. “Perhaps, you don’t want to freeze the food, and it takes the same time for it to be eaten,” said The Nutrition Twins.

Write down what you eat

If you see your money in black food on white, you will look at it differently. You will suddenly see how much you have eaten, which will force you to continue losing weight. With a food diary, you write down what you eat during the day. Another study showed that people who save what they eat waste twice as much as those who don’t. This will make you more responsible.

Put on olej a dressingy until sprayer

Thanks to this trick, you eat fewer calories!

“Each tablespoon of oil or dressing has 100 to 120 calories, but because it’s easy to decorate a salad with a lot of oil, if you use a sprayer, you can lose weight quickly,” said board members.

You spray very little oil with a sprayer.

Eat three times more than usual

The less you eat, the better you will feel. Read more about it!

“The magic lies in the fact that, because of this habit, you are more aware of what you put in your mouth and willingly stop eating before you are full,” said The Nutrition Twins. “Depending on the weight of food, it can be 100 kg or more, which corresponds to 1.5-2 kg of fat per month.”

Fill half of the plate with lemon-flavored vegetables and root vegetables

You don’t have to give in to your cravings to lose weight. Just replace the unhealthy ingredients with the ones that are delicious and healthy. For example, vegetables are very low in calories, so they go well with almost any meal. If you add lemon and carrots instead of butter or dressing; not only do you reduce your body’s intake of unnecessary calories, but you also get a dose of phytonutrients. These are things that are beneficial for human health and help prevent various diseases. These substances can help fight inflammation associated with obesity. Plus, they’re full of fiber, so they fill you up. Pages with pokvapkaným citrón go to dokopy!

Don’t give up on your favorite foods

Nevyškrtávajte evá previnilú item zo svoj jejnička! If you find a desire for something, do not deny it, but satisfy yourself. If people feel they are being deprived of something, they may not stay long. The result will be a violation of healthy eating. No one wants to hide. Allow yourself to enjoy your favorite foods from time to time.

When drinking, use the “other” command.

If you’re at a party and your friends have already taken a second glass of their favorite drink, say no. Offer another drink instead.

Save hundreds of calories but don’t get drunk too fast. This is very important because alcohol increases appetite and lowers inhibitions, so you are less interested in the choices you make,” adds nutričné​​​​​​špecialistky.

Before meals and between them, drink at least a glass of water

It’s easy to mistake smäd for cold. Mature people should be lazy to hydratovať their body. For extra flavor, you can add lemon juice to the water. The Mayo Clinic indicates that, according to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in the USA, drinking enough water every day is about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) for men and about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) for women.

Lunch vynecht salat

There are many delicious salad recipes that are packed with nutrients.

“Vegetables are great for weight loss because they are filling but low in calories. But if you make a meal out of them, you won’t get the protein to keep you energized, or the nutrients to prevent cravings,” says The Nutrition Twins.

This can lead to overeating at the next meal. Or you feel the taste of dinner.

Get 20 grams of protein per meal

Protein is an important part of your diet, because it helps the body repair cells and make new ones. It also helps regulate hormones. Protein takes a long time to digest, so it helps you feel fuller and at the same time stabilizes your blood sugar.

Enrich the meal with cooked vegetables

Choose a low-calorie diet full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Steamed vegetables are a great side dish that goes well with fish or sandwiches. Immediately, it fills your stomach.

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Spice up your food with Ceylon cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon, also known as cinnamomum verum or true cinnamon, has a slightly sweet taste. It contains all the health-promoting ingredients without the toxic ingredients, making it a healthy dessert. Here’s how to avoid sugar, which only gives you calories and helps with inflammation associated with weight loss.

A study published by the American Diabetes Association shows that even 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides, and it seems to be beneficial for weight loss. Cinnamon is suitable, for example. to smoothies, yogurt, oat flakes, corn and so on.



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