20 warning signs that cancer is growing in your body

Many of us have been delaying our annual check-ups and tests to protect ourselves from the coronavirus as most cancers have been detected. understand. However, early detection is one of the best ways to fight the disease.

Screening can detect cancer before symptoms appear. You can also recognize warning signs by paying close attention to changes in your body. If you notice something new or different that lasts for weeks or weeks, see your doctor. Not all pre-cancerous symptoms are cancerous. But here are 17 signs you need to call a doctor.

Abnormal episodes of abdominal pain
Most women experience irregular periods and cramps. But constant pain and changes in cycles can be symptoms related to problems with the cervix, uterus, or ovaries.
Changes in the bathroom
Significant changes in body function may indicate cancer, prostate cancer, bladder cancer, or other types of cancer. Warning signs include persistent constipation and diarrhea. Black or red blood in the stool. black stools, frequent urination; blood in the urine
intestinal disease
We all feel full from time to time. But bloating for more than two weeks can lead to ovarian cancer, as well as many types of colon cancer.
Change the breast
These include: new lumps, bumps, discoloration, changes around the nipple, or other conditions that weren’t there before. Although most breast cancer occurs in women, men can also develop it.
Chronic cough
A cough that lasts more than two weeks, especially a dry cough, can cause cancer.

Headaches that last longer than two weeks and do not respond to conventional medications may be caused by a brain tumor.
Difficulty swallowing
If you have trouble swallowing food for more than two weeks, it may be due to inflammation of the throat, lungs, or stomach. .

strong shock
Bruising on the face after hitting the coffee table is normal. But his sudden bruises in a strange, uninfected place indicate multiple leukemias.
fever or infection;
High fevers or changes from one disease to another may indicate that the immune system is becoming more active due to lymphoma or leukemia.
Changes in the mouth
Persistent oral infections, sores, and sores, especially in people who use tobacco or alcohol excessively, can indicate the presence of several types of oral cancer.
skin changes

Changes in the appearance of moles and birthmarks will be evaluated by the doctor in person or by video. Use the simple ABCDE mnemonic technique to remember anxiety-provoking changes.

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