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Beautiful and delicious cookies, which pair wonderfully with tea and Christmas cakes.

Like, ale vláčne

Christmas is approaching, but for us exercisers it means a little stress, but most of all, we are happy to be able to relax and prepare Christmas cookies and cakes. Of course every year you are looking for a new way that will make the classic delicious choice special.

I want to make you three cakes. You can use the dead to make money dry cakes with a short shelf life. But this should not bother you, because tieto sushinky will be gone before you have time to decorate the Christmas table with them.

Slovo sušienky tieto koláčiky, however, is short, because all three are very broad but soft. Sometimes a banana can do it, sometimes a coconut filling, and sometimes a mixture of dough.

All three, however, pay tribute to cocoa, but at the same time, easy and delicious cooking.

Crinkles are known for their high quality, which, when covered with soft sugar, gives you the appearance of snow.

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Crushed cocoa cookies

Cocoa cookies (crushed)

There is beauty in simplicity! Tieto beautiful decoration but delicious sushi…

These cocoa cookies with coconut also look very decorative. It’s delicious and covered in chocolate:

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Cocoa biscuits with coconut filling, decorated with chocolate and grated coconut

Cocoa cookies filled with coconut

Christmas baking doesn’t have to be difficult! This is pretty much proof…

Just three ingredients are enough for these quick and fluffy cookies:

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Banana-cocoa cookies (flax with 3 ingredients)

Banana-cocoa cookies (flax with 3 ingredients)

Soft but chewy cookies that you can make yourself without…

There aren’t enough Christmas cookies like that

We can’t even imagine Christmas without lineckého cakes. In addition to traditional recipes, we add two more to the best Christmas zlepované cakes.

Zlepované sušienky

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Zlepované vianočné čivové: Obľúbené linecké is another koláčiky, which you like

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