Your guardian angel will bring a white feather called a “calling card” to let you know that he is around. “We are here to support you, you are not alone,” said White Feather. This sign usually appears when you are depressed or in a difficult situation. You often find these feathers in unexpected places or places where white birds are rarely seen.
The rainbow is a common symbol of divine love. Whenever you ask for divine intervention in your problems, especially an angel, you will soon see a rainbow. If you have already experienced this, know that this is proof that your guardian angel is with you. A rainbow around the moon, a double rainbow, or a rainbow on a rainless day is a stronger sign of an angelic presence.
Finding silver coins is a sign of an angel. This usually happens when you are frustrated by financial problems. The value of the coin may not be important in solving your financial problems, but it is an attempt by your guardian angel to get your attention and inform you of other angelic signs that can help you solve your problems.
These signs usually appear after asking for divine help and waiting for something good to happen. Answers to your prayers can come in many forms. While browsing a magazine or newspaper, you may see an article about exactly what you’re looking for, or while watching TV, you may see journalists discussing the questions you’re looking for answers to. If you pay attention, the angels will guide you, so you should always pay attention after seeking divine help.
It has a special smell
Do you smell a wonderful smell near you but can’t find its source? These scents often resemble gardenia or rose scents. Sometimes you can smell something that may trigger a childhood memory with some mysterious connection. These experiences often occur when your guardian angel is close to you.
Have you ever seen clouds forming hearts, flowers, angel wings, etc.?
Getting your attention and reminding you that there is a heavenly place above you is a common sign of guardian angels.

If you choose one of the above signs, you will be able to experience stronger signs such as voices. These voices can be unexpected messages you receive in your mind or actual whispers you hear in your ears. If you encounter something like this, don’t think that there is nothing out of the ordinary, it’s just something you made up.
If the whispered message is not clear enough, speak a little louder to your guardian angel and let them know that they are with you. Hearing guidance is the best sign and can bring you more comfort, guidance and confidence.

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