A delicious PARADAJKOVÝ SALÁT: The recipe of a famous chef

Erik Volko is a talented Slovenian chef who ranks in the TOP 10 of all our chefs. We think you will make a simple and delicious salad at home when the tomatoes are growing 🙂

Šikovný, oceňovaný Šefőkuchár is the seventh hand of sám sebe pánom. He leads the Zvolenské Bistro Chef, who has become widely known for his open kitchen concept. “I like it a lot, we don’t hide anything from guests. They are directly preparing the food that they came to us. Pozorujú nás and me zas ich. I love that culture,” Erik smiles. If you’re taking a summer trip to Slovenia, take a detour to zvolenské námestie. Offering a “casual” menu every day in the bistro, which is seasonal, vám vyrazí dych. In a good way.

And now mix Erik’s favorite salad – he gave us the recipe:

Salad with five types of tomatoes

Chef Erik Volk's tomato salad.

Chef Erik Volk’s tomato salad.

Source: Erik Volko


You will need:

  • mixed tomatoes (cherry, zebra, pear, beef heart, black)
  • 1 loaf of mozzarella di bufala (byvolia)
  • for hrsť bazalky
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • anízový liqueur Pernod (with coriander, anízu a mäty – NEMUSÍ BYŤ)
  • salt, ground black roots

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