Ako upiecť tasty kura? Here are some of the world’s most popular roast chicken recipes

Cooking the perfect chicken is an art, but once you know a few tricks, it can be fun. If you get a crispy crust and juicy meat? What do you want from this? But what roots does the donkey “understand”? What are the most popular chicken recipes from different parts of the world?

If you want to cook a good chicken, you need a roasting pan, or a grill that can be placed next to the roasting pan and allow air to circulate under the meat (it will cook evenly but you don’t have to turn it), but a good tool is a kitchen thermometer with an instant reading.

Before placing the chicken on the baking sheet, coat the chicken well from all sides and from the inside – it works best to rub salt, carrots, garlic cloves or lemon peel onto the skin of the chicken with your hands. You can put the chicken prepared in this way on a baking tray or leave it in the refrigerator for a few hours.

Three controversial questions when cooking chicken

1) Otáčať or non-otáčať?

I’m sure you’ve already come across different ideas on how to cook. Even in most families, there is a permanent investment in this topic. The first thing is whether the chicken should be turned while cooking or not.

Boiled chickenpicturesSource: iStockphoto

The answer is not difficult, but it is not straightforward either – it depends on whether you want to have a crispy skin on each side or not. If you want, turn every time after cooking for 20 minutes and use the grill at the end. On the other hand, you can achieve good results even without turning it if you put the tray on a baking sheet and close the hot oven.

2) Prikryvať or neprikryvať?

Many people say that covering the meat at the beginning of cooking keeps the meat moist, and they don’t need to cover it at all. It depends on the size of the chicken and how much fat it has. Usually, we cover the meat, especially when there is a risk that one side will be already cooked and the other uncooked – even during cooking. It is not necessary to cover the chicken in the cooling pipes, because they will cook evenly.

Boiled chickenpicturesSource: iStockphoto

Fried chicken skin, fragrant and delicious but can be greasy. Whether you eat it or not, chicken is always cooked with the skin on, because it is moist and the meat is not dry.

3) Podlievať or nie?

The question of podlievania has a clear answer – yes without a doubt. You don’t have to put the chicken immediately at the start of cooking, but after 20 minutes. You will get the best taste and juiciness when you dip it three times and pour it on the cooked chicken itself. It also gets a beautiful golden taste.

Aké chute “svědzia” kuraťu?

Kuracie mäso pečené len soľou, korením a maslom is delicious, it doesn’t need anything else. However, you can use herbs, garlic cloves, lemons or oranges. Try a combination of chilli, horseradish and sage.

Try this delicious chicken too. Full recipe in a short video:

If you want to try the Indian recipe for dochucovania, mix equal parts of coriander and cumin along with turmeric and a pinch or two of cardamom or garam masala. You get Thai nádych by combining pasty with ginger, lemon grass, green pepper, coriander and lemon juice.

Ako upiecť chrumkavé chicken

Preheat the oven to 220°C and bake for 10-15 minutes. Then lower the temperature to 175 ° C and cook for 20 minutes for 450 g of chicken.

Cooking time for chicken based on weight:

Ako dloho piecť céle kura podla žežitepicturesSource: Istockphoto

If you are cooking a stuffed chicken, add 15 minutes to the total time. It also depends on how you control the temperature during cooking. The chicken is cooked when a meat thermometer inserted into the thigh reads at least 74 ° C. When you remove the chicken from the oven, cover it with two aluminum foils and leave it for 10 minutes before cutting. Tým sa prerozdelia oxaky and the result will be chutnejšie a vlhšie kura.

Delicious fried chicken from different corners of the world

Chicken in Mediterranean style

Do you like good Mediterranean food? In this case, be sure to prepare cooked chicken with a filling of rice, herbs, lemons, pine nuts.

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Chicken cooked with Stredomoria

Chicken cooked with Stredomoria

Vynikajúce do chrumkava cooked chicken with fragrant rice and a pile of fried vegetables.

Peruvian fried chicken

Peruvian style chicken with a delicious spicy dip, topped with lime juice and basil.

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Chicken cooked in the Peruvian style

Chicken cooked in the Peruvian style

A popular recipe in which cooked, cooked chicken is served with a spicy sauce…

Kura na ázijský spóbos and honey, zázvor and ants

Chicken cooked in soy sauce and korení then cooked in sweet and salty honey. Serve with fragrant coriander rice and stewed vegetables.

We want:

1 whole chicken

For the marinade:

2 cups of soy sauce

3 cloves of garlic cut into slices

6 new parts of zázvoru

2 all

1½ l water


½ cup oyster sauce

3 tablespoons of manuka honey

Ázijské kura with honey, ginger and starpicturesSource: iStockphoto


Mix the soy sauce and water in a large pot. Add the garlic, ginger and badian and bring to a boil. Add the chicken, cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Leave the chicken in the liquid for five minutes. Remove and place on a baking sheet.

Preheat the oven to 160 ° C. Mix with the oyster sauce. Coat the chicken in the same way as the glaze. Place in the oven and bake for 30-45 minutes until golden. Apply the glaze every 10-15 minutes.

Novozélandské pečené chicken with herbs and lemon

A popular recipe for chicken cooked with herbs and lemon. We recommend using dry white wine.

We need it

1 fresh chicken

4 bay leaves

1 small lemon, cut into slices

a short sprig of fresh rosemary

2 tablespoons of olive oil

soľ a černe korenie, podra chuti

2 large new potatoes, peeled and cut in half

1 cup dry white wine or chicken broth or water

1 tablespoon of butter

Novozélandské pečené chicken with herbs and lemonpicturesSource: iStockphoto


Preheat the oven to 200°C.

Dry the chicken with paper towels. Gently place a bay leaf under the dog’s skin on both sides, and place two more bay leaves, lemon slices and a sprig of rosemary in the vein. Kuracie mäso patrite olivovým olejom a sprinkle soľou a korením podla chuti.

Put the cut potatoes next to the cooking tray, sprinkle with salt and pour a little water to reach about 13 mm on the sides. Place the grill on the zemiaky, place the chicken on the side of the grill and roast in a hot oven.

After 35 minutes, remove the pan, drain the potatoes and add a little water if necessary. Place the chicken on the other side and cook for 35 to 40 minutes.

Remove the zemiaky from the pan. On a safe board, bring the sauce to the boil, save all the broken pieces so you can mix them into the sauce. Water it with wine, vývarom or water, and keep it until it is full; then mix in the butter.

When serving, place the boiled potatoes around the chicken and pour the sauce.

Chicken cooked on Čadský spóbás

Lean but juicy chicken with crispy skin, which is easy to prepare.

We want:

1 whole chicken

1 tablespoon of butter

1 leaf of parsley

2 spoons of oil

add freshly ground black pepper to taste

Chicken cooked on Čadský spóbáspicturesSource: iStockphoto


The chicken tastes good inside and out soľou a čevnim korením. Fill the cavity with butter and a few sprigs vŰata. Brush with oil and place in a baking dish.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and cook for 20 minutes at 450 g each. Kurča to the half of the island.

While cooking, pour oil or vinegar from the pan. Mix the imported water with water – you get a sauce.

Serve on a warm plate with sauce, ozbodte vňaťou.

Amazing ideas, how to combine chicken and rice

The first thought of dinner and dinner for most of us is chicken meat and rice. Here are a few ways to combine these two ingredients into a tasty, delicious meal.

Paprikové kura rice from one pot

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