Almost no one makes these recipes today, but they are delicious for a few euros!

Simple, tasty and cheap recipes from our childhood, which you can appreciate especially in front of výplatou. Perfect for lunch and dinner for the whole family. Do you still remember them?

Our mothers often have more jobs than the current generation. They didn’t have many tools that would make things easier for them, like cooking or housework. However, you always find time to sit on the couches on warm evenings, which we loved. The trick was to use quick and cheap recipes that you can cook even today.

Rožky in milk

You don’t know any quick recipes that taste great. The main advantage is that you can use even old baked goods, which you would lazily leave on bread crumbs or throw away. The basis of this is that you have already heated the milk in which you mix the cocoa powder and add sugar if necessary. Cut the rožky into small pieces and put them in the oven. There you cover them with hot milk. Allow the cookies to soften a little and you can start eating them.

The best but above all the easiest way to make poppy seed cakes, the advantage of which is that it is very quick…

Color: You can improve the recipe by replacing the flowers with poppy seeds or Christmas cookies.

Ham flakes

Simple cooked pasta does not disappoint. Ham flakes are hot every few minutes, but they taste very good. You can add something canned or fresh green salad to them. If you want to cook pasta, cut the ham and onion into small pieces. Fry the onion in oil, add the ham and mix everything with the pasta. Move them to the cook menu and now it’s up to you what you add. It is very important that you have postrúhaný syr. Others like to mix milk or whipped cream with eggs. Or mix sour cream with a lot of cheese and let it cook for a while.

Ham flakes


Color: Instead of ham, you can use tofu cheese or leftover cooked meat.

Slonie zrádlo

If you have too much salt, add tohtoročené zavárané horky, mayonnaise and serve with bread. If they plan? Watch the video:


One of the briefest memories of our childhood was eating groats. Kádí má rád tú svoju verziu, when we can give it completely thick or liquid. Add a little butter to your favorite sprinkles on top. For them traditoným patria cocoa, škoricový cukor alebo niekto má rád aj članky ženovýchú is sugar and butter.

corn porridge


Color: Drizzle chocolate on top of the porridge or serve it with mint, which refreshes the taste.

Zucchini Soup

Did you get a lot of zucchini? This is how you quickly whip up a beautiful concoction. You can serve with egg or sausage.

Dumplings and vegetables

You know these delicacies from your childhood, when our grandmothers or our mothers used to make them for us. If the dumpling was lifted from dinner, it didn’t go well, but it made another great dish. Just cut them into cubes and fry them in oil for a short time. In fact, you may overheat. Then cover them with beaten eggs and make such an omelette. Add to kyslú uhorku a niet lepšej čere.

Color: If you want to make dumplings with a black egg, add bacon or bacon to the bottom. Výborne chutia, kho ich posypete nastrúhaným syrom a chachate ho trochu roztopiť.

Foods with cottage cheese, cocoa or poppy seeds

Children love sweet foods. Tie zjedia nýdý a bez akých članky námietok. Even now, when we grow up, sometimes our eyes light up when we think of bunch or buchty na pare. That’s why even a sparkling evening can be beautifully rendered. So try this simple recipe – noodles with your favorite spices. Boil them in water, but if they are still warm, sprinkle them with poppy seeds, cocoa, or add sugar. Pour butter over it and you can massage it.

Color: Instead of cocoa, make ganache, but you can boil the poppy seeds for a while with sweet cream and sugar to create a smooth consistency.

Baked (pučené) zemiaky

A flavorful but simple dish. Everyone has a bag of potatoes. Just wash it, put it on a baking tray and add the right root. If you want to prepare quickly, boil the zemiaky in the husk before cooking. Even a small slice of homemade bacon won’t hurt them. If you like meat-free food, cut some vegetables that you should eat between the potatoes (zucchini, eggplant, peppers, carrots, celery…)

A common Goja

The traditional Romani dish, called gója, has many variations, but it is based on pork intestines and zemiaky. It’s easy, but you only need a few ingredients to prepare it.

A common Goja

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Toto is a pochúťka that almost no one knows today. Don’t expect a rich meal!

Spaghetti and ketchup

Today, we look at this food a little differently, but it used to be our gastronomic heaven. However, if you are looking for a high-quality ketchup, this is a good choice for you. You can serve pasta with it or prepare a traditional sauce in advance. Place the ham on top of the onions, cover them with ketchup, and then add them to the pasta.

This soup is great not only for pasta, but also as a side dish for cooking apples…

Color: Replace the ketchup with a simple tomato sauce. Mix the garlic in the olive oil and add the canned tomatoes to it. Dochutte ich veľkou hrsťou čerštej bazalky, korením a trochou vínneho otu.

Bird’s milk

One of his favorite sweets was bird’s milk. Three ingredients were enough for you, but you have made a delicious preparation. Beat three egg whites with sugar until stiff. Do not let the milk boil, but add snowballs to them by spoonfuls. Turn them twice during cooking, and when they are done, remove them from the plate. This is how you eat all white people. When serving, add the remaining milk until it thickens, and put the snehove halušky on top.

Delicious dishes that we have been preparing for years. Everyone likes it, but we always like to mention it.

Color: Add milk or snehu čerštú vanilku or cinnamon, which makes it beautiful.

Fried rasco soup

If you want soup in the evening, try this simple rascovou. It is ready in a few minutes, but even in the cold months it will keep you warm. Basically, baking in dry, cold flour. Then drain the water little by little. When ready, pour in one beaten egg until ready, but mix quickly to make small lumps. At the end, reduce them with a slice of butter.

Color: To make the soup healthier, make the base with spelled or whole wheat flour. To increase the taste, add fresh herbs to them.

Noodles and cabbage

Aj toto is one of the options if you plan to have lunch or dinner but don’t spend a lot of money.

Pasta and cabbage


Cut the cabbage into small pieces as needed. Let’s melt a little oil in a pan and cut the kapustu. On low heat čacheme podusiť. Cooked noodles or pasta, washed and added to softened sauerkraut. Mix the noodles with the cabbage and let it cool. We can also add bacon to taste.

If you want to remember the best recipes from your childhood, please:

Traditional food

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