Sledovanie cholesterolu does not mean that you have to stop eating fast and move around. The key lies in choosing the right food.

When your doctor tells you that you already have (or are at risk of) high cholesterol, you probably have a smile on your face. However, these foods can cause serious diseases, such as heart disease or stroke, but even for this reason, you should reconsider your diet. Especially if you are used to frequent fast food restaurants.

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One of the factors that contribute to increasing cholesterol is increasing the amount of saturated fatwhich are often found in fried foods, pastries (muffins, cakes, pastries, croissants) and other desserts,” says Amy Goodsonová, MS, RD, LD, author of the book “The Sports Nutrition Playbook” and a member of the association medical professionals. “Also, even if you go to fast food from time to time, it’s not bad, if you do it often, the food you eat can make you have high cholesterol.”

Fortunately, if there is no other option, even if you eat fast you can choose a delicious, light and healthy meal, as written on

Oatmeal sandwiches or breakfast with wholemeal bread

“Most breakfast sandwiches consist of buttery biscuits and high-fat croissants,” warns Goodsonová. “It’s a good plan Oatmeal with fruit, which is high in soluble fiber and can help lower your cholesterol. Another option is a breakfast sandwich with whole grains or no grains.”

Replace nuts with fruit

Another easy way to lower your cholesterol when ordering fast food is to look for a side dish like fruit.

Instead of ordering fries as a side dish, cut back on the saturated fat and eat some fruit instead,” advises a member of the organization. “Ovocie is low in calories but high in fiber, which can help lower cholesterol.”

Bet on fried meat

Easy change! If you don’t want to give up meat, choose its grilled form rather than fried. Tento croc can be very helpful in controlling cholesterol.

Fried chicken sandwiches are great because they are low in fat“, the expert explains. “Vynecht mayonnaise or cream sauce and choose mustard instead, but if you want to increase fiber content, choose fried chicken salad and vinaigrette dressing (a mixture of vinegar and lemon).”

Have a baby burger with extra veggies but no bacon

“If you want a burger, try this in the children’s section without mayonnaise and cream sauce, bacon and any cold dish. Instead, add salad and tomatoes,” advises Goodsonová.

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Fortunately, almost all fast food restaurants offer the option of ordering hamburgers for children, and many sell a simple burger. This is how you satisfy your cravings for good food while keeping the saturated fat and refined sugar content at bay.



Low-fat foods for high cholesterol

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