Celebritný Sunday recipe: Salát Lákky pohánkový with beetroot from Lívia Bielovič

Actress Lívia Bielovič (37) is known to viewers not only as the director of the hospital in the series Druhá šancia, but also for her work in theater.

At this time, Lívia decided to show her skills to another judge. For me and my daughter Rebecca, I thought of a simple and healthy salad, which the teenager can prepare by himself, because he doesn’t have to weigh anything, all the ingredients can be added according to his taste.

We want:

 bread

 water

 1 onion cut into pieces

 butter

 olive oil

 leaves špenát

 Himalayan salt

 1 zucchini

 Asparagus

 1 plain yogurt

 mokký syr Lučina

For attachment:

 postrúhanú cviklu

 lemon juice

 white carrot


First, boil bread crumbs in salted water in a 1:1 ratio, stirring constantly. At the end, we can add a little olive oil. Cut the onion and olive oil, after a while add a small piece of butter. When the onions turn golden, add the spinach leaves, sauté and sprinkle with Himalayan salt. Pour a little olive oil on a second pan, add the asparagus and a little more butter. Bring to a boil over low heat, then season with salt and Himalayan salt. When the asparagus has softened a little, set it aside and fry it over the zucchini until it starts to turn golden. We also add salt at the end. Vymiešame syr is plain yogurt and soľou. The following ingredients are served on the plate. Add the salad with grated beetroot, sweet lemon juice, salt and white carrot.

Good taste!

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