Epidermoid cysts are relatively common occurrences in many people. Several people refer to epidermal cysts as sebaceous cysts, but this is a common mistake. According to the Mayo Clinic, true sebaceous cysts are rare and develop from sebaceous glands that lubricate the hair and skin. Generally, epidermal cysts are painless and do not require treatment. However, sometimes an infection or appearance can cause people to choose to have it removed.

Although there are medical facilities dedicated to curing the disease, many people choose more natural methods of healing.

Here we will discuss these options.
Home remedies for epidermoid cysts
Fortunately, some home remedies can help get rid of skin cysts.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar has been proven to be a beneficial agent in fighting cysts. It protects the skin from bacteria and kills infections caused by cysts. Simply apply the vinegar directly to the infected area and wrap it with a bandage. The same process should be done every day for a week until a hard layer of skin forms over the mole. Remove the hard layer to drain the cyst.
Keep the area clean and new skin will begin to grow within a week.

  1. Dandelions:

A spoonful of dandelion mixed with Viola can fight infections caused by cysts. Simply steep the mixture in boiling water for 45 minutes. Filter the finished drink and drink it 4 times a day for up to 10 days. For extra help, you can apply the solution directly to the cyst.

  1. Epsom salt:

Epsom salts soothe infected skin. Fill the tub with water and use plenty of salt. Pain and swelling associated with fatigue can be treated with a salt bath.

  1. Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera extract has been used as a soothing agent for various skin conditions. You can apply the juice of the plant directly to the cyst or you can get faster results. You can also drink aloe vera juice

  1. Milk:

Milk is an excellent choice for removing cysts. Simply soak a tea bag in milk and place it on the cyst overnight. With repeated application, the size of the cyst will decrease and it will heal faster.

  1. Honey:

A paste made of honey, wheat grass, and banana is helpful in removing cysts. Place the paste directly on the infected tooth and cover it with a cloth overnight. Regular use leads to faster recovery.

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