Dominika Stará bola roky veganka: She prepares such a salad

23.12. 2021 18:00

Celebrities shared their favorite Christmas recipes with us.

Dominika Stará Jurena: “Majonézová” salad for vegans

The singer makes a good version of the mayonnaise salad. “Since I’ve been vegetarian for five years, I’ve avoided the meat and eggs that regular mayonnaise has. However, I think the classic “mayonnaise” is Vianocia. Dominika said.

This is how he began to look. “I was looking for another way to make it with plants, but I found a good way to make mayonnaise made with white tofu. Since then, I’ve been making my own tofunéza at home, although nowadays it’s no longer a problem to find them in stores. U nás doma teraz and Vianocea robievame vázé dva salaty.”

Zelerový salad and tofunézou


2 celery, 1 dried pea/carrot/corn mixture, 7-8 kyslých uhoriek aj so oxaou, 1 onion, salt, black carrot, ground red paprika.

On tofunéz: 1 unsweetened white tofu, 50 ml soy milk, 50 ml olive oil, apple cider vinegar (alebo ume vinegar), salt.


Peel the cabbage, cut into slices and boil in hot salted water. Allow the frozen mixture to dry and boil in hot salted water for a few minutes until soft. Medzitým prepare tofúnezu. Mix tofu with soy milk and oil until cool. Be octom a soľou (podľa úvětho uváženia). When you have tofunézu hotovú, put it in a bowl with salad in it. Water and vinegar are kyslých ochoriek to make a base for fake mayonnaise. To the mixture, slowly mix cooked diced celery, diced cucumber, chopped chives and cooked vegetable mixture. If you want, you can add a hard-boiled egg to the classic salad. Mix well to combine all ingredients, but dochutte with salt, black pepper and paprika. The best salad is when you let it sit in the fridge overnight.


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