Fresh apples are your favorite salad. Do you know this past?

Apple koláč is the season of autumn in our kitchens. However, you can add a delicious fruit to the salad, which gives it a pleasant taste. You can prepare them in a sweet and salty way. Try the classics but don’t shy away from the funky novelty.

Why add apples to salads?

Sometimes we are afraid to experiment in the kitchen, but that’s why we choose interesting flavors. Combining salad with apples is a good choice.

In addition, you can change the fruit according to the type of fruit. Some recipes are sour, but instead, you stick with sweet and savory fruits. The beauty of apples is their versatility.

Chicken salad with apples


Výborne ladia so syrmi, hodia sa aj k mäsu alebo ak ich dídete k sushénm toradajkám. Doladí ku symfóniu chutí, which you fall in love with. Spinach or arugula make a fun combination. Depending on the specific salad, you can cut them or cut them into thin slices or slices.

This short video will show you how healthy autumn apples can be:

Classic with carrots as a side dish

We remember one of the most popular apple salads from our childhood. Sometimes, in autumn and winter, we cannot find fresh leaves. Therefore, our mothers and fathers vymyśldli atnoch some memorizing fruit.

Apple-carrot salad


The ingredients are simple. The recipe calls for about equal parts apples and carrots. Clean them and rub them on a fine grater. Mix everything together, but add lemon juice, which also refreshes the carrots. It can be served with main courses, and as a dessert or a snack.

Tips for making this salad: Instead of lemon juice, add orange juice. Because of this, the salad will have a delicious taste. You can also taste it with fresh cinnamon or a little cinnamon. For apple and carrot, it is better to add a little nakrajaného ananásu.

Or try adding cottage cheese and oriešky to the salad:

The best salad of our childhood…

Delicious breakfast salad with apples

According to an old saying, if you eat an apple a day, you can get rid of the doctor. That’s why you should start your breakfast with a fruit salad. The first is to reminisce about childhood. It is enough to grate one or two apples and add crushed biscuits. You can eat such a delicacy and immediately you will have good health.

Raňajky, desiata či olovrant pre malyých i síháu.

The second way is full of vitamins. Clean and grate two large apples on a coarse grater. Add a handful of dry fruits, a spoonful of honey and flakes to them. Tých by nemało bóch błoká, aby boli dominantnejšie jablká. Mix everything together and let it stand for the flakes to soften. Then you can eat.

Or try warm apple and oatmeal porridge:

Don’t forget the famous Waldorf salad

Zrejme najznámejší salat, which includes aj apple, is Waldorfský. Kumi prepares a delightful combination of sweet and salty flavors. The bottom is celery, apples, grapes and any salad greens. Cut it into small pieces and mix it all together. Now add the walnuts. This can be plain, or you can put it in egg whites mixed with sugar and bake it in the oven for a delicious taste. Finally, pour a dressing made of yogurt, oil and lemon on top.

Also try this lighter version:

Nut and fruit salad, from the heart of New York City, with over a hundred handmade…

Apples are great for making mayonnaise recipes

Don’t be afraid to add apples to your favorite mayonnaise salads. Imagine, you already cut them into small cubes, but then you mix them into your favorite vlasák. Výborne chutí aj kho iba a little nastrúhate do klassíkeho zemiakového a takýmto početho ho dochutíte. The taste of apples goes well with sour ingredients, but it gives a very pleasant taste.

Genial mayonnaise salad with apples and greens.

Salad with glazed apples

Try adding this fruit to a warm salad. For example, they go for tofu, bean paste, and meat salads. Think, for example, spinach leaves, sun-dried tomatoes, fried pancakes and apples. To improve the taste, you can shoot them beforehand. Dip them in caramel and add balsamic vinegar.

Or make an apple-celery puree:

Panka well and delicate sides of the plate.

Pochutiny, s rzejómí něstí ladia jablká

Apples in a salad are highlighted by adding the right spices. Thanks to them, you can add acidity or sweetness and mix well with other ingredients.

Combine apples, for example, with these things: lemon or orange juice, vinegar – preferably apple, black root, fresh mint, cinnamon, crushed cloves.

Choose the right apples

Supermarkets and markets have different types of apples. You can read about the taste, uses and comparisons of different varieties in our apple reviews.

Do you know apples?  Find out which brands sell best!

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Do you know apples? Find out which brands sell best!

Updated: 09/03/2022

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