If you always prepare a good cheesecake?

The recipe for a new cream cake lies in three parts.

However, before we start preparing the real “syrového” koláč, it is necessary to explain the difference between cheesecake and tvaroh koláčom.

Tvarohové koláčes, or filled with cream or cream, have a bitter taste. When you use krémového syra, whose base is usually cream, it loses its sharpness but improves the softness of the butter.

So you don’t recognize Rozdiel with your eyes, but The taste is not known if koláčík stands for cottage cheese or cream.

Cheesecake body

They are the foundation sushienky with butter. Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of cookies you choose, but as a rule, old butter cookies are used, which with their neutral taste do not overpower the taste of the cream on top.

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You can completely crush the sushi into dust or leave large pieces inside, which will later guarantee a pleasant explosion. Cover them with melted butter and press a mixture of wet sand under the cake form, which you always put with baking paper, in baked and unbaked versions. After that, it makes it easier to change when you transfer the finished cheesecake to a tray or serving plate.

But the corpus doesn’t have to be just sushi. You can add nuts, cocoa, maple syrup or dried fruit, which together with coconut oil are used as glue in healthy or raw versions.

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Raspberry RAW cake

If you are a fan of healthy food, try this tent for fun…

Cheesecake cream / filling

If the koláčik does not cook, we can talk about the next layer as if it were cream. If we add an egg but we are cooking, it is filling.

It is the base of any cheesecake cream cheese. Some professional confectioners do not allow Philadelphia cheese, while others prepare cheesecake only with mascarpone. But you can use almost any soft cheese and cream.

The cheese is then whipped with sugar, sour or sweet cream, and according to other modifications, eggs are added to cook and gelatin to freeze.

Zásadnou zlohdou plnky alebo krému is, however zolená príchuť. Countless possibilities are open here. From vanilla and chocolate to lemon to peanut butter or fruit puree. It’s lazy of you. The chosen flavor is often changed with an emphasis on the final layer, called the topping.

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Extra chocolate cheesecake

Extra chocolate cheesecake

Up to 300 g of chocolate is hidden in this extra cream cake. However, it is light and fresh. Of course…

If you are asking about a healthy type of cream. Use low-fat tvaroh or raw nuts soaked overnight. As a sweetener, use honey, agave, maple or date juice. In this case, however, we are already miles away from the original cheesecake.

Top – cheesecake topping

Cheesecake without a layer on top is like a cup without a handle. Therefore, always prepare them, even if it is with sour cream with sugar or homemade jam.

The topping should emphasize the taste of the filling. It can be a simple crown with fresh fruit and gelatin, chocolate topping, caramel sauce, or complex and complex combinations such as fruit coulis or lemon puree.

Preparation of cheesecakepicturesSource: iStockphoto

Freedom, when the cheesecake, tak so vletsou parádou!

Cheesecake on a baking sheet

Since there are not enough dobrých krémových zákuskov, we were inspired by the classics around the cheesecake, but transferred to healthy dishes.

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