It is the fourth largest in the world. Do you have any favorite vegetables in your home?

Young Slovaks have been fond of zemiaky, they were part of the zápákným potravinám in the dining room. This is also confirmed by statistics – each of us ate 47.4 kg in the last period. If you like to do it yourself, that’s welcome, you can find it from Slovenian farmers in any Kaufland store.

You may not know, the potato is the fourth most consumed crop in the world after rice, wheat and corn. We certainly support this, but so do the Australians, who say they eat up to 60 kg per head, the Czechs even more.

Why, because zemiaky is a very tasty and healthy vegetable, and what is prepared is easy to digest. They contain 80 percent of water, starch, vitamins A, B, and vitamin C, as well as many minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, fluorine, and sodium, among others.

Pestuje ich bezmala 30 roku!

Zemiaky had already been cultivated by his grandfather, then by his father, and now he is alone. Mikuláš Sáraz, who grew up in a farming family, today manages 180 hectares near the village of Čechynce. Zemiaky is grown on 60 hectares, and maize, wheat and millet on the rest.

Daughters may not continue the tradition, they realized in the power of pregnancy. He works in a small family business with his wife, who has the management under his finger. This, of course, means they are not licensed this year.

“This is not true, many jobs are done in the past years. We are the visitors of January,” he laughs with the farmer who plants the seeds, waters them and even sám vyoráva. With vyorávač, he collects 25 tons in two hours. Potom zemiaky tryia and tryičke a vyberajú len tie kovíva. Balené aj vorné v debničkách ich dodávú to the central warehouse in Ilave.

He has been working with the obchodným chain for three years, but according to his words, he is calm. They started adding new potato varieties Colomba and Carera in June, and later Sunita till February.

“When the potatoes that we pick during the season are ripe, from June to September – then we collect them all, prepare them and prepare them in a modern and air-conditioned warehouse. At Kaufland, we offer ich podlas nadrevok,” sprullujua M. Sáraz adds that already this year the harvest is almost, even watering in hot days.

Why should we bring it?

Previously, early potatoes were cultivated in Slovakia on an area of ​​1,200 hectares, late potatoes on 4,100 hectares and seed potatoes on an area of ​​260 hectares. It is not enough to provide zemiakmi sebestační.

To make it interesting, let’s add that in order to reach 80 percent, we need vysadenú škono prákladní 11-thísíc hektarárov.

“In fact, their cultivation was concentrated in the Slovenska soup, but near Senca because of the humidity. In the traditional areas of zemiakar they are behind. In general, however, it pays, already pestovatelské výmery klesajú,” explains Jozef Šumicrast, president of Zemiakarského a zeleninárskeho zväzu SR.

One of the reasons for the decline in potato cultivation is the high cost compared to other summer crops. Compared to the past, their consumption has also decreased, which is due to a change in the diet of Slovenian families – they eat more meat, rice and cakes.

This is very important for the current situation, as Kaufland already supports Slovenian farmers for a long time and provides them with sustainable products and cooperation with a strong chain in the market. It is always intended to increase their share of assortments of fruits and vegetables, optimally for the year.

Do you know the right choice?

In order to make your favorite recipe, it is important to choose the right type of potato – you can find a brand or information in banks.

Varný type A – salatové zemiaky: they are hard, nerozvárajú sa, soft powder. Because they hold the thing tightly, they are suitable for preparing salads, cooking in a šupke or baking in the oven, while ich nakrajate na plátky.

Type B – prílohové zemiaky: it’s half-poem and a little loud. The Tento variety is ideal for preparing side dishes, salads, soups, and roasts.

Type C – is pyré, street: zemiaky sa ocher rozvárajú, sú múčnaté a nážeší ich njužajete when preparing zemiakového puree, porridge or dough.

Zemiaky kúpené v obchode je podove správet szávet, aby nezačali klíčiť. Long shelf life in dark and dry places, at a temperature of 4-10 ° C. In hot places they spoil quickly, in bright places they turn green – in both cases they lose their quality.

Fortunately, in the chain you can choose from different types of balenia alebo zemiaky jurné, so you can buy the money you use quickly. You have plenty of recipes for your family to prepare, but you can also find delicious inspiration in Kaufland’s online cookbooks.

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