Ladies, never ignore these 7 warning symptoms of cervical cancer

Cervical cancer can also be treated, but it can cause death in women if it is detected in time. The most common cause of this type of disease is human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

There are several types of human papillomavirus that cause the rapid spread of cancer cells, and the signs of cervical cancer are not clear, but changes that may be signs of the disease need to be tracked. Talk to your doctor as soon as you notice.

1: Anemia

Anemia can be caused by some of the massive bleeding that occurs in cancer. If you are tired during a normal pregnancy and your heart rate is fast, you may be anemic.

2: Abnormal secretions

When the cervix swells, the cells in the uterine wall begin to break down, forming a watery fluid.

3: Genital warts

Genital warts on the outside or inside the vagina are caused by human papillomavirus infection, which increases the possibility of cervical cancer.

4: Pain and bleeding

This type of cancer cells multiply and multiply in the uterine wall, which may cause dryness, which makes women feel uncomfortable and may cause weak bleeding, but it occurs during the menstrual cycle. You need to know the cause of the bleeding.

5: Problems when urinating

The enlarged cervix presses on the bladder and kidneys, making it difficult for urine to leak out, resulting in decreased urination, pain, and urinary tract infections.

6: Pain in the legs, lower back, or back

In the event that the cervix is enlarged due to the spread of cancer cells, it puts pressure on the internal organs and blood vessels, affects blood circulation, and causes pain in the lower extremities and swelling in the ankles.

7: lose weight

You will notice a significant decrease in appetite. This is a symptom of different types of cancer. Talk to your doctor if weight loss is obvious and takes time.

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