Odborníčka búra PRIBERANÍ CHRISTMAS TREE STUDY: Somotný zemiakový salát is not bad!

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Neviňka tradičkú vianočná pochúťku z počívújúcej sa ručičky na vahe in the sky! According to the committee, the number and combination of several heavy foods is very bad.

“Traditional potato salad is prepared with mayo or mayonnaise. It usually consists of potatoes, canned peas and carrots, onions, eggs, pickled cucumbers and ingredients such as salt and pepper. Such a potato salad with mayo has a lot of calories because of this. , “explains Petra Pavuková, nutritionist for weight loss.

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Marriage as a problem

If it continues, jolenka has 73 g of fat per 100 g, energy is 2800 kj per 100 ml. Such zemiakovy salad satisfies the taste buds, but it is very fatty and difficult to digest. What should you do if you don’t want to quit in any situation? It is necessary to exchange for another attachment, which does not make many scratches in the body!

We just change the recipe like this, instead of jolenka and Greek yogurt, for example, with less fat. Greek yogurt has a sweet taste and adds lightness to the salad. You don’t even notice the change. If we replace mayo with yogurt, the strength of the salad is reduced by half. Odlejší sa trávenie a nám nebude tak tušno. If the sme salat wants to be very bright, I recommend preparing it without rice“advised the board member.

Just a few minor changes

Podła specialistky sámó traditionalý zemiakovy salat nie je zlý. The worst thing is to combine heavy food and its quantity.

“If you combine an oily salad with a fried slice, give yourself cabbage, cakes and beer, this is the most difficult thing for the body to do. We often reach for digestifs as a quick aid to help digestion,” says Pavuková. .

Fun and interesting! You don’t have to give up traditional dishes, but make the most of what you have on your Christmas table. The trick lies in the small changes.

For Christmas, I recommend lightening the salad and yogurt, preparing fish instead of cooking, but raising a small amount of food. This is how we can do it, so to speak, with every little penny. If, however, we have an appetite for salad, then I recommend having a lazy salad and not combining it with other foods. “If you are interested in the golden middle road or preparing a light potato salad, try using yogurt tartar sauce instead of majolenky,” concludes the weight loss expert.



zdravie chudnutie zemiakový salat Vianoce

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