Pečiatkové sušienky not only for children. Make your own butter, cocoa or almond cookies at home

You bake delicious cakes quickly.

Pečiatkové sušienky with nuts

Pečiatkové sušienky with nuts (source: | Kamila)

Orochové keksíky, which can also be used by people with histamine intolerance? Check out our recipe with pictures. Contains almonds and whole wheat flour. Go to the recipe

Pečiatkové sušienky cocoa

Pečiatkové sušienky kakaové (source: Nanič | Kamila)

Cute pečiatkové sušienky sure to please many children. Go prepare them, for example, for Christmas with patriotic, winter pictures. Go to the recipe

Pečatkové keskíky are cinnamon cookies

Pečatkové keskíky are škoricou (source: Nanič | Evicka56)

With the help of stamps, you can turn even ordinary cookies into parties, suitable even as gifts. Its preparation does not require many ingredients, but everyone can handle it. Go to the recipe

Spekulatius cakes cakes

Homemade cookies Spekulatius (source: Nanič | angelo)

Ak vám ku káve alebo k chaju cosi abíla, scholenou válační sú home-made cakes with the aroma of caramel, cinnamon, cloves or ginger. Go to the recipe

Butter cookies

Maslové sušienky (source: | Zdenka Kapustkova )

It was fun to see these beautiful butter cookies. Hodia sa aj ako vinočné čevívo. Go to the recipe

Honey-cinnamon pečiatkové keksy

Honey and cinnamon pečiatkové keksy (source: | Renu)

Mäkké keskíky s vôňa a chústou Vianoc in whole grain form. Cook for only ten minutes. Go to the recipe

Christmas Spekulky

Vianočné Spekulky (source: | Mariolka)

Spekulky is the name of traditional Christmas cookies, which are baked for example in Germany. Try to prepare them at home with your children. Go to the recipe

Cocoa, lemon and cinnamon cookies

Cocoa, lemon and cinnamon cookies (source: Nanič | anjeli)

Not sure which flavors to choose? What can you do to be happy? A simple method is quickly cut and decorated. The biscuits are sweet and crunchy. Go to the recipe

Levanduľové sušienky

Levanduľové sušienky (source: | monič.ka)

Edible lavender flowers are available for example in specialized herbal shops or pharmacies. V pečiatkových sušienkach vytoria primajnu a nontradičnů vôňu aj chúst. Go to the recipe

Mandľové sušienky

Mandľové sušienky (source: Nanič | M.á.ria )

If you don’t have special stamps or “printers” at home, sometimes you just need to stamp the animal. Ponorte často z nich do čokolady a cukríkových ozdôb and the children are very happy. Go to the recipe


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