Popular and popular chicken recipes in one place. Number 3 is our FAVORITE!

A list of the most delicious and popular chicken recipes from around the world.

If we were to do a poll on the most popular meat, chicken would undoubtedly win. Its main benefit is quick preparation. In addition, you can save it in a number of interesting ways that inspire you around the world. We have selected the best chicken recipes from around the world. You choose a spouse.

1. Slovenian – Pečené alebo vyprážané chicken

Sunday dinner in Slovensko bývajú často v zemne klasiky. If nám na prestretom stola nerozvoniavajú čersvo vypražené rezne, then it can be roast chicken. In addition to traditional cooking with a slice of butter, we prepare several other recipes. Sprinkling the milk will give it a shorter color. Herbs give great taste and aroma, but if you add vegetables, onions or sauerkraut, you are ready for the dish. This is a recipe that you prepare once or twice with ingredients you already have at home:

A simple but quick meal with ingredients we have at home. These chicken breasts…

Výborné is a stuffed chicken, which you can prepare in different ways. It is very common to eat chicken after roasting it. It is important to wrap it slowly so that it is soft and fluffy.

Try this recipe for brisket stuffed with spinach and cheese in a crispy crust:

One of the most delicious ways to make chicken breasts👍 It’s amazingly delicious…

2. Greece – Kuracie Suvlaki

Pôvodne sa souvlaki robilo z jahňacieh alebo bravčového mesa. Now, however, the Bible has become very popular. It is mainly prepared with pŕs, which are cut into small pieces. You put them firmly on a skewer, which you have already dipped in oil so that the chicken does not stick.



Then marinate the meat in lemon and herbs. The next day, reheat and serve with dressing.

3. India – Maslové kurča

Butter chicken alebo maslové kurča is found in India. It is prepared with a spicy sauce and served with rice or pita bread, which reduces the taste of palivú. In the beginning, it is very important to wash the meat, which should take a little overnight. Chopped chicken breast is mixed with lemon juice, root mix, salt, yogurt and garlic. The next day, they are filtered and fried in oil.

Later, other spices such as ginger, onion, cream, chili pepper or puree are added. Cook until the meat is tender and the sauce is thick. Here you can find the exact list of materials and procedures:

Carrots, butter and cream urobia and plain chicken jeden z beste…

4. Mexico – Chicken cooked with chili and rice

They also cook chicken in Mexico, but they prepare it in a very different way. First, they are grilled in a sweet marinade. It is prepared with oil, fresh coriander, oregano, oil and hot pepper. Keep the minced meat well in it, but first fry it in a frying pan. Then transfer to a baking tray and bake. Boil rice, mix with beans, young onions and fresh herbs. Put the pasta on the bottom of the plate, put the chicken on top and serve with sour cream.

Here you can find the exact list of materials and procedures:

5. Italian – Slow Cooker Chicken

In Italy, they prefer slow-cooked food, which, because of this, has a lot of flavor. The chicken is also prepared in this way, first cut into small pieces. Put the ingredients on the sauce in the baking pan.

Slow cooked chicken with tomatoes, peppers, carrots and mushrooms


Mix canned tomatoes, tomato paste, chopped garlic, vinegar, pepper, onion and various herbs, which you reduce with vinegar. Add the meat to it, cover with a lid and cook slowly in the oven. At the end, remove the chicken von a omáčku šče vyvarte, aby bola huštejša. At the end, mix and you can feed them.

6. Ázia – Chinese spicy crispy kura

Throughout Asia, spicy chicken is cooked in different ways. Marinades can be different, it is important to keep the skin crispy.

Make a dough with flour, water and salt. The most useful are the wings, which you coat in corn, dip in batter and bake. In the meantime, prepare the sauce with vinegar, honey, soy sauce, spice paste and garlic. Boil it for a while but put it in the meat. At the end, move the chicken and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Try making this simple recipe according to the video:

7. Brazília – Chicken breasts

In Brazil, they like to eat food made from leftover meat. There are also Brazilian chicken croquettes. If you are doing nedeľný vývar, open the chicken the next day and prepare the road. This is done with butter, múky, milk and a little vývaru. Mix and prepare the base of the croquettes.

Brazilian chicken croquettes


Meanwhile, fry the meat in a pan with garlic, onion, ground paprika and herbs. At the end, add krémový syr and mix. Take a piece of dough, make a plate, and add a little filling. Use it to make croquettes coated with panko breadcrumbs. Now you can fry them in hot oil.

8. France – Kohút na víne

As the title says, the original recipe is made with chicken. But after some time, he started cooking with easily available chicken. The basis of French pochúťky is slow cooking again. Cut the root leaves into cubes and soak them in red wine for a day with minced meat. Add the bacon to the butter, add the meat and fry quickly. Select ho von, add champiňóny, leaves and print. Then bring the meat and roots and cover with wine. Now boil until the meat is soft. Serve with mashed potatoes.

The full recipe and ingredient list can be found here:

9. Españía – Údené chicken

The delicious taste of Spanish chicken is ensured by the best paprika. Put meat in it, sprinkle with black roots.

Udené bitch


Fry in oil and transfer to a baking tray. Cook in the oven with chopped tomatoes and preserves, champignons and vývar. When the chicken is completely soft, pour the sauce on the meat when serving.

Did we inspire you? And as a bonus, we offer you a delicious and juicy chicken breast, filled with the famous fillings:

Chicken stuffed with broccoli and cheese in a crispy three apple sauce

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