Popular recipes inspired by ázijskou kuchynou

Let’s take a look at popular recipes that you can master to prepare Chinese food in your kitchen.

Ázijská kuchyna is different, but maybe that’s why it often appears on our tables. Each of us likes to cook hot and sour soup, boiled chicken or spring.

It is always easier to combine basic ingredients, which are flavored with ingredients such as soy sauce, garlic, oyster sauce, honey, rice vinegar or wine. And the “strange” dochucovadlá is now sold in every store. Even real food is available online or ázijských potravinách.

After that, the best way is enough, but we can go to cook.

Roasted Vegetables: Cabbage, carrots and Chinese culture go well with rice and noodles.

Pork belly: Noodles are bravčového marinated in honey, sójovke and ryzomov octe. Add your favorite vegetables and cook everything in a wok or deep pan.

Kuracie zarekky: phyllo dough filled with chicken and aromatic vegetables.

Spiced Beans: sójová, chili sauce and garlic flavor the roasted zelené fazuľky.

Sour: in our list, it is impossible to miss ani táto zupepová we can read it.

Chinese Zucchini: víborná bezmäsitá pochúťka, which also perfectly combines sweet, salty and spicy dishes of Asian cuisine.

Tofu: výborne chutí aj vypražené tofu and čínsky spóbás.

Excellent food, quick and tasty, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Quick Cure: Chicken breast with Chinese vegetables can be prepared at any time. It’s almost an instant taste.

Crispy chicken: delicious kuracie kúsky in dry dough and vinikajúcu ámáčka.

Recently, we have acquired a bad taste for “China”. But since we didn’t want to be disappointed…

Beijing cabbage is not Chinese:

Chinese cabbage

Read it again

Chinese cabbage is healthy, squishy and cheap

Updated: 08/05/2021

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