Quick, easy and delicious cookies for dessert or coffee, ready in 10 minutes

If you want something delicious ready without effort and in a few minutes, cookies (or modern cakes) are a good solution. You need one bowl in which you mix all the ingredients and cook.

Quick, tasty, even healthy. Sushis are popular with kids, homemade is always better than store bought.

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The good thing is that you can already enjoy cookies according to your fantasy, always in a different way. They are made with healthy ingredients, so you can give them to the kids for dessert or serve them as dry cookies for a guilt-free Christmas.

The recipe is: In a bowl, mix 250 grams of oat flakes, 100 grams of brown sugar, 300 grams of flour, butter (especially grated cheese), three eggs and a little soda. Add to oriešky a semiačka, your favorite, resp. you are at home now. The recipe adds ľanové, sézamové and svensricové seeds, and chopped walnuts and hazelnuts. However, instead of nuts, you can add, for example, chia seeds, almonds or other nuts.

Use real vanilla for flavoring. If you like strong spices, you can add a little pepper, cinnamon, cardamom or coriander. Well, a little hot chocolate.

Mix everything, but when the mass is sticky, make cakes-pagáčiky. Bake at 200 degrees for 10-15 minutes. They are really delicious, try them!

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