Start preparing the most delicious salads

With these tips, your salad will be very good and tasty, even if it is the opposite of fresh vegetables.

In summer and summer, many of us try to swap out cold cucumbers or chalamádu for a side dish of fresh vegetables. We buy green vegetables, sprinkle shallots, add pieces of fruit before coloring and add a sweet sauce or dressing.

We mix everything, prepare it in a salad bowl, and put the winners in the middle of the table. While everyone is eating a fancy salad, they’re still looking for a glass of chilled cucumber or lamb chops.

Why are our salads not as good as the vegetable salads in the restaurant? Is it possible to prepare the most delicious salad, which will cover all the dishes, although the whole meal was very lazy?

We don’t know how popular fresh salads are with you, but with these five steps, eating fresh vegetables in your kitchen will increase dramatically.

1) Add fresh vegetables to the salad

Until fresh salad, fresh vegetables! You might say to yourself, this has already proven itself. But try to think if you are really following these simple instructions.

We usually buy hlavku rímskeho salátu, vanička arugula or spinach, but as soon as we get there, we put it next to the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. For a day, two or more. At the same time, we forget that vegetables have been in supermarkets and markets for some time.

Prepare the salad


Therefore, if possible, we try to prepare the salad the day we bought the vegetables, or the next day. Vegetables will be tasty but fresh, which will be the first big addition to our good salad.

2) Mix the salad in a large enough bowl

There is nothing sadder than putting a portion or two of salad on your plate, which hides a lot of other things.

This happens when the base of the salad (usually washed with dried vegetables) is placed in a salad bowl, then additional ingredients are added, such as paprika, radish, onions, cheese, pieces of meat, etc., but that’s it. not enough space for proper mixing. However, there are different spatulas for mixing salads. This is also suitable for serving.

Prepare the salad


In order for the salad to be well mixed and have as many ingredients as possible for each addition, we must mix well in a large bowl. Perfect for double-sized meals, such as a salad on its own.

And another person: it is better to mix the salad by hand.

3) Season the salad directly

You know how you generously salt For example, radishes on the side of bread. It’s even tastier. Likewise, you should salt all the vegetables that are added to your salad to increase its flavor.

Vegetable salad


Of course, you have to work with miero. So, if you’re a vegetarian as much as we are, you’d be better off reducing the amount of salt in your dressing.

But here we turn to the fourth type:

4) Make your own clothes

Also, shopping for clothes is often very useful. Especially, if you want a certain color.

Believe me, any dressing can be prepared at home. Dobrý domáči dressing is the key to the salad, like fresh vegetables. In addition, you can prepare exactly according to your preferences – add salt (see above), increase acidity, etc.

In a short video, we show you which oils are best for preparing salads:

5) Balance flavors and consistency

In addition to the good flavors we’ve been dealing with so far, any good salad should also have a lot of texture. For example, crispy vegetables, well combined with soft cheese or avocado. Alebo ostrosť bule si bude výborne rozumieť so sladkou chústou ovocia mature.


Finally, we want to emphasize that even the perfect salad requires a little effort and the courage of vymaniť sa zo zuzživánych “šalátových” mantinelov, which, as often happens, does not work.

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Updated: 11/05/2022

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