The best chicken soup for lunch and dinner

Niet nad delicious chicken thighs with crispy skin on the outside, soft and juicy inside. In fact, this is one of the most popular dishes (nielen) in Slovakia, which we put a lot of effort into preparing. Baked, fried, marinated or grilled chicken thighs are always perfect.

Cheap, international and simple food

Here’s how to interpret a chicken leg. The second most popular side of chicken. Although the second place behind the chicken breast is very close, because the thighs are not cheap, they are also sweet and very tasty.

In addition, it is very versatile and can be combined with many tools, roots and side plates. Nikdy nie sú po upečení šúce a chutia schogle and samme len is the spécií tree you like. That’s why we decided to write in our online cookbook some simple but delicious additional recipes for chicken thighs:

Sunday classic: simplicity hides a lot of flavor. This is also seen with boiled, cooked chicken legs.

Baked chicken nuggets are delicious. It is also served several times in our home…

Fried chicken appetizers: Another traditional recipe, ale tento raz ich vypražíme without steam in the kitchen. Getting into the tubes!

Grilled meat is a staple in many families. So…

Chicken thighs on oranges: A recipe inspired by Kačica famous for oranges. Rozmarín, thyme and the sweet taste of oranges. Perfect pochuťka!

Vynikajúce cooked thighs on oranges …

Chicken thighs in Chinese style: marinated chicken and crispy fried vegetables. A quick, delicious lunch or dinner.

Delicious chicken meat dishes with a bunch of fried and seasoned vegetables.

Baked bees and cheese: especially with gentian. First, we cook them separately until soft, and in the second step we cook them with slices of cheese and cooking sauce.

For sauerkraut: I’m sure most of you know this classic, but we couldn’t leave it out, because it’s so good:

A simple recipe that turns ordinary chicken into a wonderful…

Then follow these steps: a delicious dish that combines oxalnáté stehienko with well-cooked ingredients. The capsules that come are packed in recipes with an oil membrane, which seals them in during cooking and lubrication. If you don’t have one, use an ordinary toothpick to close the opening:

a less celebrated version of grilled steak

Here are the tips: Another fun idea that combines salty and sweet. The result is thighs cooked with spices:

Soup filled with apples, rascou and dark beer.

In the sweet puree: Tomato paste, as part of the sauce under the baked thighs, not only adds color and thickness to the baked goods, but together with the wine, it adds a mild flavor that you will love:

Viete ako vykostiť céle kura?

Chef Roman Pekný shows us how to cook a whole chicken so that there is one big piece of meat on a delicious roll:

Stehná alebo prsia?

Is there any difference between chicken breasts and thighs? What do you usually do?

Kuracie prsia verzus stehná

Read it again

Do you prefer chicken breasts or thighs? Which ones are delicious, healthy and affordable?

Updated: 31/07/2022

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