The best morčacie mäsoe recipes: Why shouldn’t they be on our diet?

Chicken is one of the most used dishes in Slovenia. We are a little guilty of forgetting that, morčacie is big, and it also provides us with nutrients. Moreover, there is not even a price difference between them. Also, come and be inspired, what things you can prepare with morčaciny.

The main advantage of turkey meat is its versatility

Pork can be prepared in any way. This is also his greatest advantage.

You can make a great soup with them. Breasts can be steamed or boiled in water with parsley. Because of this, you are ready to make delicious food. It is also suitable for steamed dishes, when you can cook them slowly, for example with root vegetables. Roast Turkey is a classic that is served mainly in the USA on Easter Day or in some countries during the Christmas holiday. You can marinate and upiecť for example with onions and champiňónmi.

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You can cook a variety of dishes made with pŕs. It is good for grinding. Especially, if you use thighs, it is good meat guľky or fašírky. You can cook the breast or thigh slices or use them on the grill. Also, the variety of recipes with morčacieh is really wide, you just have to give it a chance and enjoy a good meal.

How nutritious is morčacie mäso?

Pork is considered a separate food. In particular, you can keep your breasts even during special diets, when you are trying to lose weight or you have to have a diet. Compared to chicken, they have very similar characteristics, but they bring you a few additional benefits.

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100 grams of morčacích pr contains:

105 kcal

24 grams of protein

1 gram of fat

0.28 grams of saturated fat

Compared to chicken breasts, they have more than 4 grams of protein and more fat. In addition, horseradish contains twice as much iron as chicken, and is rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, and potassium.

Do not use lean pork breast

Just like chicken, we mistake it for pork, we already use the breast. But it would be a shame not to use some pieces.

For example, wings contain more meat than chicken, so you can bake, broil, or grill them and prepare them that way.

You make víbornú cůpěpu from the neck. Add to the rib and you can make a great risotto with meat.

Burning the thigh of morčacie picturesSource: iStockphoto

The thigh is juicy, so it is suitable, for example, for perkelt. Raw or roasted cuts are good too, but you can also slow cook them on the greens.

The recipe is inspired by turkey meat

Polievky is pork

The most common is vývar. You can prepare it with any type of morky, but especially those with less meat and more bones are suitable for economical cooking. Vývar is a little stronger, but its taste is very similar to chicken.

You can also try inspiration from other gastronomy. For example, cut meat into slices and cook cream sauce with vegetables. Apply alebo, make balls with it, and add it at the end of cooking strukovinove zupepy.

Or try this delicious cream soup:

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Morčacia soup with potatoes

Morčacia soup with potatoes

Voňavá hydinová soupa, which combines chudé mäska, jarnú…

All baked goods

The whole roast chicken is very popular. It is important that you roast it slowly at a temperature not too high. Because of this, they are cleaner and the breasts taste better. Finally, close the grill so that the skin is properly heated. Serve them with filling, which you can cook separately, with cranberry sauce.

Overall, you can cook, for example, one thigh or a large chicken. Iba just rent, pour a little milk and add a few slices of butter. Or add different vegetables to the meat, and as a result it will be juicy. You can also try marinades, which add a pleasant flavor to morčacine.

Cooking morčacie stehno on garlic and rosemary:

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Baked morčacie stehno

Baked morčacie stehno

Fragrant, crispy and tender pork leg with rosemary and garlic.

Dishes with bacon

Z morky sú na mletie kové eg prsia alebo stehná. After that, you can make any recipes with them, like cooking with pork, for example. You can make small onions, fry them in oil and serve them with pasta and tomato sauce. Classic minced meat or with extra cheese is the best. Make a cut or stuffed roll with it. Chutné sú also fašírky az morčaciny you know how to make a hamburger.

Sweet sauce with turkey meat:

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Morčacie steaky with minced meat in English

Morčacie steaky with minced meat in English

Šťavnaté steaky, whose origins go back to the English city of Salisbury. Simple yet…

Rolky is cut from turkey meat

Natural cuts are the best pork breasts. You can make it without sauce, with natural juice, cooked or try spices in a marinade. This meat is also suitable for cutting, which can be old or stuffed. Also try the rollers that you can fill with different ones. Make small portions for each person, or one large plate, in which the roll comes out.

Vynikajúce plnne rolky with turkey meat:

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Morčacie rolls filled with spinach, bryndzou and tomato

Morčacie rolls filled with spinach, bryndzou and tomato

Spinach, bryndza and tomato – a delicious filling covered with slices of turkey meat, which is …

Dusené morčacie meat so oxaou

Z morčaciny sú výborné any dish cooked so that oxaou. It can be perkelt with paprika sauce or add tomato and paprika. It tastes best when prepared with cream and served with pasta. Try recipes from foreign cuisines. You can cook, for example, in the style of curry or cook like Burgundy with red wine and vegetables.

Turkey meat:

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Spicy morčacie salt

Spicy morčacie salt

Vynikajúce chicken saute, which complements well, for example, stewed …

If you still love chicken, here are a few ideas for delicious fried chicken:

Boiled chicken

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