The best salad is raw and cooked beets, full of vitamins

Cvikla is a cheap, inexpensive, very healthy vegetable that has been around for a long time. Come prepare a delicious salad with these delicious vegetables!

In the past, mustard was one of the staple foods of the Slavs. They were the first potatoes to be eaten by the common people. Fast food was served as a main course, and as a side dish to bohatshích kruhoch meat.

After a while, it started disappearing from our plates. He squeezed zemiaky and rice. But today they are becoming popular again. Not as a printed dish, but as an ingredient that adds culinary value to the dish with its color, smell and taste.

Zaraďme červenú turnup back to sviho djehničkov for example aj in the form of delicious salads. It’s already worth it on healthy foods:

– Cvikla is high in potassium

– Sufficient fiber with cvikly ensures elimination from the body

– Beets are rich in iron

– is a good source of vitamin C – an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system

– has a positive influence on performance and muscle regeneration

Universal beech

It tastes great in combination with garlic, horseradish, cabbage, apples, oranges and nuts, as well as sour cream, yogurt or cheese.

See for yourself in the following healthy but beautiful salad recipes:

Salad with raw cabbage

Simple splynutie After leaves and sladkokyslou zálievkou. Tento salátik is perfect for a light dinner with wholemeal cheese and mozzarella or as a meat dish.

A fresh, light and healthy salad with autumn fruits…

Chicken with tuna is the epitome of a healthy meal:

A light salad that serves as a dinner to eat together, but for us…

Tento salátik hides burgundy ingredients (turnips, cabbage, onions), carrots and an interesting combination of roots that create a rich and delicious mixture of antioxidants.

Salad with boiled beets

Vynikajuci salátik, how sa núbi sa núbi verená cvikla with nuts and parmesan shavings. Tento’s quick salad perfectly complements boiled eggs and balsamic vinegar.

Vynikajuci salat plun energie a chutí!

Another interesting salad combines varenú cviklu with mild spicy chakankou, avocado and mozzarella. The pleasant taste is enhanced by lemon and honey.

Cviklovy salad full of health. K mäsu or evening.

A simple but refined combination of boiled or fried mustard and cheese. You don’t have to be ovčí syr. Vynikajuci chutí aj s nivo, novu alebo cubes důršeho ementálu.

All you need for this recipe is chives and tartar sauce. This soft dish can be used as a side dish or as a main dish.

If you are not sure that autumn foods are suitable, watch a short video about their effects on our health:

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