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Zeleninové salaty ako hlávne jedlá obľubujú očer ženy. Children are not very attractive, but men find it insufficient. You just have to use a few fun tricks to convince them and get them on your side.

You can prepare rich, and interesting salads, if you know them in traditional versions.

Meat and side dishes are a must for men

Boys need to satisfy their big meal. That’s why you should prepare a good source of protein for them with a salad. The easiest way to make them is if you make beef, which you cut into thin slices and put on top of the salad. If you want chicken, prepare roast duck breasts or lean chicken thighs.

Brothers and salads


One of the tricks is to use the mayonnaise seasoning. It will be important for them to taste the César salad. Recipes for Alebo vymyslite are beans, which are also used in cold dishes.

Another type is the appendix. The easiest way is to serve the salad with a piece of chleba or pastry. Výborným ídeom nie sú len hrianky, ale aj plönne toasty, which goes well with mixed vegetables. Or rub slices of bread with herb butter and bake. You can drink something from the cesta cesta. For example, small pizza is popular. Because of this, they get valuable food that satisfies them well.

Get the kids interested in the pictures on the side of the salad

No wonder children eat mostly with their eyes. Also, if you prepare a vegetable salad in an interesting way, it will not be a problem. For example, don’t mix the leaves, but keep them close to each other. Prekvapte ich is a mini posičkou, which you make with radishes or boiled vegetables. And for them, don’t forget about protein, which is important for their development. Use a trick with the little ones, you write them before they are ready. Let them add their favorite colors to the salad and enjoy them together.

Leaves in front of children


This is how you make sálaty sýtejšie

The main thing in the salad is vegetables. You can add some extras, which will make it rich at the same time. Common healthy foods such as quinoa, couscous or bread. Mix in some good fried food, or fried meat.

Try this delicious quinoa salad with chickpeas:

Also try oriešky a semiačka different. Mix, for example, baked beans, canned champignons or corn. Croutons are a great addition, which you always taste with fresh herbs before cooking. Also try grilled chicken or fried sausage.

Don’t forget the warm salads

Salad should not be prepared with raw vegetables. Some warm-up options that are more similar to the main courses are great. For example, cukrový hrášok, mini murvičky alebo zelené fazuľové struky, fried in oil, are suitable nich sa škole hoði. After cooking, they should be crispy, not completely soft. Then mix it, for example, with fried cheese or nuts. You can also prepare a mixture of roasted vegetables, which you mix with fresh arugula and parmesan shavings.

The dressing is an important part of the salad

The biggest challenge in preparing a salad is dressing. Some people underestimate it, but they don’t make it to the end of the meal. You just need lemon-olive or simple honey and the salad will taste great. All ingredients are made of three main groups of herbs mixed with oil and lemon juice. Tento’s dressings are fragrant and delicious. If you want a thick salad, make tartar sauce or sour cream.

Proven ways to make dressings and sauces in one recipe:

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What should one portion of a simple salad look like?

When serving a salad as a main meal, the portion should be understood. Then you can use the ingredients. For one person, you need about 250 to 350 grams of raw vegetables. Always add a variety of ingredients to make a salad delicious. For this you need protein. 100 to 150 grams of good steak or fried chicken is enough. If you don’t feel like it, add one cup of pre-cooked tofu or half-cooked vegetables. Grilled cheese is a good choice. Serve wheat-free bread with salad or plátok chleba, aby bol obed sýtejší.

Salad with chicken


Non-traditional salad recipes

Fazuľovo-klobásový salad

We want: 2 cans of each bean, 1 red pepper, 1 spring onion, sausage, olive oil, vinegar, salt, black pepper

Cut the sausage into wedges and fry them on both sides. Let them cool, but mix them in a bowl with other ingredients. Make a dressing with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, which you mix in the salad at the end.

Or try:

A delicious salad with fresh beans or eggs.

Pancake salad

We want: chickpeas, chickpeas or other beans, sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper, onion, sesame, fresh spinach, oil, salt, carrots.

Cook the pancake until soft, drain and let it cool. Also boil the beans or use canned beans. Cut tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic into small pieces. Mix with bread and add salad and dressing. You can serve it with fried fish.

Or try:

Pancakes, hot and cold salads are good food even on the go…

Gyros salad

We want: Chinese cabbage, 1 tin of corn, onion, 400 g chicken breast, gyros, salt, 5 pickled cucumber, ketchup, 1 mayonnaise.

Cut the chicken into small pieces, dochutte ho korením a soľou. Let it cool and put it in the bottom of the container. Add ketchup and sprinkle chopped cibuľou. And tú pridre half a cup of mayonnaise. Add kyslé uhorky, do not apply ketchup and sprinkle kukuricou. The remaining mayonnaise goes to the next stage and on top it is sprinkled with nakrajanou čínskou kapustou. Leave to rise until the next day and serve with sausage.

Or try:

Nielen looks good, but tastes good.

Warm tofu salad

We want: Sweet peas, cooked tofu, butter, garlic, any nuts, salt, black pepper, parmesan

Cut the garlic into small pieces. Melt a piece of butter in a pan and fry the garlic in it. Add the tofu and fry slowly. At the end, give to nemu cukrový hrášok. Cook in the same way, but briefly, so that the vegetables are crispy. Season salad, season and add chopped walnuts. Before serving, sprinkle with Parmesan shavings.

Or try:

We also like to add a delicious barbecue sauce, which tastes great on grilled meat or vegetables:

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