This must be written! Recipes for zázvorníky that have been around for generations

When you hear gingerbread, many young people think of Christmas recipes from the United States or England. At the same time, zázvorovníky are once traditional cakes in different regions of Slovenia, of course, they are prepared differently from modern American ones. Be patient! Do you know how our grandmothers and grandmothers robili zázvorové koláčiky?

I never forget the taste of pre-planned days, like my grandmother’s. Patrili k nim iče traditionalé zázvorníky. Vlhké vykrajované sušienky ký sa rozplývali na jazyku a mali spezifkú jemnej korenistú chúsz zázvoru mala vláz Before Christmas, cooked in advance and stored in a cool, dark room.

As soon as we came to visit, I stood there. It is interesting that in the future, instead of being afraid. Once in a while huspenina, vzé domacchi chlebík, slivkový lekwár, husacia i bravčová masť, oškvarky. However they zázvorníky boli topkou.

It’s not just the content that matters, but the process too!

Today, on the Internet, we can find various recipes for gingerbread, koláče, and cakes that also use zázvor. Most of them are different from traditional ones.

Luckily, I was able to keep the recipe from my grandmother, but this is how we are going to share it with you. Try to make not only Christmas medovníky, but also these delicious zázvorníky. Not only things are important, but also some special tricks during preparation. Of course, no powdered ginger or dried lemon peel was used.

How to prepare zázvorníky our grandmothers?

We want:

560 g sifted cold flour of your choice

400 g of powdered sugar

4 eggs

1 packet of baking powder

2 ČL zázvoru, čersvo nastrúhaného

1 tablespoon of lemon juice, or a little kôry

Klasický postup preparation of vykrajovány zázvorových koláchikov

Add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Perfect means a mixer for 6 to 10 minutes. Much longer because of the new zázvoru, it is important that it is well prepared and evenly distributed throughout the street. The dough may be a little thick, but it won’t break easily (if you don’t prepare it well, add one egg).

On the flour board we make a road similar to medovních. It should be at least 5 mm thick, the thinner will cook faster.

It was very impressive. The design of the zavorník is a small, elongated piece, enlarged on both sides. Choose a large, well-rounded shape.

In modern recipes, zázvorové koláčiky are baked immediately after mixing the dough. But it was different. The grandmother put the zázvorníky in this way on a baking sheet lined with paper, covered it with some other food, and left it overnight in a cold room. Tento moment is important for a good arrogant koláčikov. Yes, dnes nám postačí chladenie v hladinka.

On the second day, heat the oven to 220 ° C and cook for about 5 to 8 minutes. We check, they are ready when they have slightly pink areas. Potom harky stmavnú a pripália sa, čo zmení ich chúst i consistentiu.

Ako skladovať zázvorníky aby mäkli

Store cooled zázvorníky in an airtight container and put in a cold room, or chladniky. If it is difficult, for a few weeks the containers will begin to soften – they are already cooked at the beginning of December, or at the end of November. The apples are very fragrant.

Some zázvorníky recipes also add a little butter to the salad – especially for those who are in a hurry. Zázvorníky can be decorated soon after the holiday with cukrovou polevou, but this is not necessary at all. Sugar is in nich súdá a sús sú aj holé.

Love is better than gold!

These technical tips will reduce the time you spend in the kitchen and improve your pastry skills:

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Updated: 07/12/2021

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