Tips for a good zemiakový salát: Pay attention to this

We have no doubt about it, you already have your proven recipe for zemiakový salát, which you will never change. It is a traditional food, where recipes are handed down from generation to generation. But regardless of what you put on your salad and what you flavor it with, there are a few important things to take away. Thanks to them, you will make božský zemiakový salat into božskéjším.

Zemiaky and mayonnaise, this is very important, without which the Christmas salad is complete. But right now, you can save everything, but show it. So what should you pay attention to?

It’s not a potato like a potato

It may seem that the color does not matter, the combination of the right ingredients is important. Mistake! Zemiaky is a real base, but you have to realize that you can’t make a good salad with everyone. Siahnuť and you are small according to type A safe, abundant B. “Áčko” has a lot of fat that does not fall even after cooking for a long time. In this way, the potatoes retain their properties but do not turn into flour.

Type B is a little smaller, it is characterized by a hard potato, which after cooking for a long time, rots and grows well. In stores you can also find potatoes with the label “šalátové”, they will be very good before Christmas salad.

Three days is enough

Mayonnaise adds a whole lot of flavor to potato salad. Today, some of them use yogurt to live a healthy life, but the question is if they are not preparing for one of the most authentic experiences. No, we will not mislead you, we have only one interesting solution for you: try to avoid mayonnaise, but mix it with yogurt in a 1:1 ratio. Take care of the shelf life of mayonnaise and keep the hot salad in the refrigerator at a temperature of about 7 ° C. If you do not want to put problems in the stomach, you should eat salad for three days.

I mix, you mix, we mix

Do you know how dobrý zemiakový salat is made? Focus on creating new products! But be careful, mixing is not just mixing. First, you need to cut the potatoes and vegetables into small cubes – to make them as big as possible, we recommend going through the grid. Then put all the ingredients in a large bowl and stop mixing carefully. Care must be taken not to damage the components but to retain their properties. Vychytávkou and mix vegetables first, and then only mix zemiaky, avoid tak ich rozmáganiu.


  1. Departure at night: They say zemiakový salat is the second most delicious day. Experts recommend preparing it in the evening, but leave it overnight in the fridge, potatoes are placed in vegetables, mayonnaise and other ingredients and juices are absorbed well.
  2. Spices due to mustard: If you use ordinary mustard for mayonnaise sauce, but want to make the salad spicy, use Dijon mustard.
  3. Onions without pungency: So that the onion in the salad is not too painful, cut it finely but boil it a little in vinegar water or in vinegar and cucumber. Instead of white onion, you can also use red, it adds color to the salad.
  4. Don’t be afraid of garlic: Lovers of sharp spices can add a few cloves of garlic to the salad, and the result will be amazing.
  5. Salama or ham: Can’t imagine your zemiakový salat without salámy? Try changing the salami to a good ham this time, the salad will be better in taste and quality.

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