Vynikajúce salaty with fragrant fresh tomatoes: Takto chutí leto.

The first tomatoes from the garden and the flowers have already started to turn red, but it would be a sin not to prepare summer salads with them.

It is at the end of July and August that we collect the first tomatoes so that we can grow them ourselves. The ones from obchodov a trhov start to vibrate well when you pass around them and besides their price is very low.

Use a sunny, fragrant and fragrant tomato to prepare decorative preserves such as tomato sauce, ketchups or cherry tomatoes. A koh nám ostanú freske vychutnajme si ich na chlebíku i dobra nátierkou alebo si měžajme si měžajme summer salaty. As follows:

Spanish Salad: Ripe tomatoes and fresh onions make a very simple salad. Spanish people know how to leave tomatoes.

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Tomato salad

Spanish tomato salad

A beautiful simple salad that uses delicious sun-dried tomatoes.

Israeli Salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and onions in a simple sauce with a bunch of parsley. Perfectly satisfied with seasonal vegetables.

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Israeli salad

You probably make this salad at home often, but you don’t know it. It’s a simple splynutie of tomatoes, …

Caprese Salad: This famous Italian dish probably needs no introduction. Let’s say the best time to prepare this salad is right now.

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Caprese salad

Jednoduchý a nadvětný chutný taliansky salát from Kampánie,…

Panzanella Salad: This salad comes from Tuscany but is very filling thanks to the added toasted bread, which is as important as the fresh seasonal vegetables and fresh herbs.

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Panzanella salad

Výborný a sýty taliansky salt and pieces of baked bread.

Greek salad: ani in tejto balkánskéj klasike should nemali fajlať prášeke letne paradajky. Výborne si rozumejú with olives and fetou.

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A real Greek salad

The perfect combination of vegetables, large olives and feta in one of the most popular…

Cold soup: a šče jeden nešalátový tip at the end. If you’ve never tried cold tomato sauce, give it a chance. Yes amazing!

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Gazpacho soup

Cold soup – Gazpacho

Spaniels know how to cool off on hot days.

Remove the tomatoes from the pečených

Vynikajúce tomato pochúťky, in which dobre rozohriata rúra will do a great job.

Delikatne hryvky with baked tomatoes

Read it again

Delikatne hryvky with baked tomatoes

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