Weekend recipe: Large chicken breasts – three different types of food, three types of food

Kuracie prsia patria medzi vďačné jedlá. They are healthy, you prepare them quickly, but they taste different every time, you don’t feel like you are eating the same meat. Here are three recipes, quite different. Preparation and results.

What method of preparation do you choose?

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Quick kung pao with nuts and rice

You need flaxseed or corn starch, soy sauce, oil and nut salt. Cut the chicken into thin slices. In a bowl, mix with starch so that it is covered in it. Then we fry them in a pan in hot oil. When it’s warm and soft, sprinkle it with soy sauce to make it look better. Finally, we add a package of salted peanuts and leave them on the stove for a while – so that the peanuts are heated and the flavors are absorbed. That’s all, it was hot. We don’t add salt, we don’t dry it, the chicken breasts taste good. Very nice. Best with rice or rice.

Chicken breast with pasta, leek, honey and chili

Here, you have to wait a little for preparation, but not much, but the result is important. You have to prepare special pasta, meat with sauce and special pór.

Cut the chicken breasts into slices, add them with black roots (carefully, nothing else, root) and fry quickly in hot oil. This method is simple, very effective. When they finish, we choose ho on the board. Mix with honey, salt and thin noodles.

Prepare the sauce. Add a little wine and soy sauce to the remaining ingredients. We cook and add about 4 pieces of mixed dry vegetables and pour it with hot salty water (something like soup, but you can’t taste it). To make it not too thin, add cornstarch or potato starch. The spice is chili, but if you like it sweet, you can add a little honey or brown sugar. This is how the sauce is ready, but it can be mixed with meat.

Medzitým by sme mali šče uvariť cestoviny – normally podla zažužu, náštejí penne, semolinové (coarsely ground hardwheat).

It is used to prepare leek. Cut two pory (if they are small, you can even three) into wedges, let them soak in butter briefly. Very few, so as not to confuse.
Then mix everything together in a large bowl or pot and serve immediately. Honey, chili, leeks, meat and pasta make a great combination!

Potatoes are cut quickly

Advanced Slovenian at the end. But there is no triple and triple, not even red flour or breadcrumbs. Cut the chicken breast into slices. Break the eggs in a bowl (according to the amount of meat and the size of the eggs, there are two eggs in four portions), mix with a little cold flour and milk. A pancake-like cake is made. Add crushed cloves of garlic, dochutte soľou, black carrot, or a little dried mixed vegetables. Add the chicken breast to it and then fry. Delicious quick cuts are ready once or twice. Serve with potatoes prepared in your favorite way, or with bread and fried cucumbers.

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