What a surprise! Love these cookies

31.12. 2020 11:00

Simple, delicious and beautiful! There are also škoricové hviesdičky with a refreshing topping.

Škoricové hviesdičky and topping

You will need: 160 g cold flour, 100 g powdered sugar, 100 g butter, 200 g ground almonds, 1 vanilla sugar, 1 egg, ground cinnamon, lemon zest.

To make the topping you will need: 100 g powdered sugar, lemon

Mix the flour until smooth and add powdered sugar, about half a spoonful of ground cinnamon, vanilínový sugar, a little lemon zest and almonds. Everything mix well. Use the eggs to make the žĔtok and then cook it until it is sweet and add butter. Work the road.

Then put the dough in the refrigerator for 40 minutes. In the meantime, prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper. When cool, knead a little, but the flour will help prevent sticking. Formicki vykrojte hviesdičky alebo iné tvary. Arrange the koláčiky on a baking sheet. But give it a little oven at 180 ° C for about 10 to a maximum of 15 minutes – podra rury.

When it’s deep brown, set it aside remove and let cool. Meanwhile, prepare the topping. It is enough for you oxa asi is half a citrón but mix in sugar until you don’t have a thick coating. Polevou potom vyzdobte hviesdičky.

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