What’s for lunch? 30 fun recipes for a delicious dinner for the whole family

Also, don’t know what to do? Don’t take it! My vám kávky deň nesieme nový a ten lajás víber just from your proven recipes. A delicious meal for the whole family!

Kádí deň new inspiration for lunch

Think about it – what’s for dinner, it’s not always difficult. You have to prepare a meal that will not suit you, but also other members of the family. If possible, as soon as possible. Some of the originals can’t be edited forever, so they don’t get old, but some are still popular.

To save you from searching, we will choose every day several interesting recipes – dishes from our online kitchen, which we are sure will inspire you, or guide you to prepare a delicious dinner. So let’s get to…

Tippy for lunch today

Buttons: Slivkové guľky and strúhankou, sugar and roztopeným butter.

The best dumplings are from our mother❤ U mna to…

Traditional Carbonara: Another proof that the simplest dishes are the tastiest.

Bleskové spaghetti Carbonara ako ich méme is my favorite. This is my kind.

Light lunch: krémová soup for lunch. It doesn’t work, but it cools the soul.

The best cream sauce

Learn more: a simple but delicious lunch. Yum!

In our country, we love simple foods that are magical even with few ingredients, but this is one…

Pumpkin Placky: quick, crispy placky, whose base is made of crushed pumpkin.

Crumkavé placky of a beautiful color with a non-traditional pumpkin pie tvarohu.

Quick lunch: Delicious risotto with spinach and mushrooms.

Halsky: halušky is always a good idea. We prepared this with kyslou kapustou and slaninkou.

Our favorite halušky, this time is domacou kyslou kapustou.

Pumpkin dumplings: krásna farba a vynikajúca chúst non-traditional halušiek.

Halušky made from Hokkaido pumpkin is unusual, but that’s why it’s so delicious. They have a sweet taste…

The best soup: Eggplant and tomatoes in a delicious sauce, not just pasta:

This soup is great not only for pasta, but also as a side dish for cooking apples…

The most popular types: bravčové plátky in a non-traditional trojobale.

The top three – flour, eggs, breadcrumbs…

Meat roll: roláda with chopped shoulder stuffed with chicken breast and zucchini.

I like to prepare meat rolls so they are easy to prepare and use…

Best placky: do you have mashed potatoes? Try this dessert.

Using potato mash and bryndza leftovers.

Morčacie and champiňónoch: morčacie plátky mu krémovéj omáčke, ktorej zázák tvoria šampiňóny a vínko.

Jednoduchý, ale delikátny lunch or dinner with turkey meat, champignons, thyme and white …

Stuffed Chicken Rolls: the best with chicken nuggets. Tipy and plnky can be found in the recipe.

Delicious mini-rolls suitable for family celebrations and every day…

Quick pasta: peas, parmesan, garlic in a delicious sauce over hot pasta.

While the pasta is cooking, you will have a hot sauce with green peas…

Bryndzové halušky: an old one that needs no introduction.

Boiled chicken: Crispy chicken and zemiaky from one dish.

The fat, which is slowly released from the chicken during cooking, gives a good zemiaky taste. Also, all…

Pork belly: delicious baked kúsky mäsa with stuffed olives.

An easy weekend lunch.

Light lunch: You have to try these chips!

Crispy pochúťka is a fresh zucchini, which you can prepare in a pan, in the oven…

Plum dumplings: classic at the end of the year.

When I want to have a delicious lunch, I make it.

Parts of the cheese: deep-fried cuts and bravčového karé.

Soft juicy meat…

Cooked Cauliflower: a very light lunch with lots of protein.

Lentil soup: A recipe with Turkish dishes that you will love.

The best Turkish food is paprika and tomato. Easy, fast and great…

A good grilled lunch: tofu, zucchini, cherry tomato on sticks.

Vynikajúce fried skewers.

Chicken breast with vegetables: fast food, sweet and salty from Chinese cuisine.

Make a simple salad that’s full of flavor.

Zucchini for lunch: vynikajúca pochúťka and letný obed.

Lunch or a quick lunch…

Quick lunch: Simple things taste best.

A simple but quick meal with ingredients we have at home. These chicken breasts…

Plum balls with tvarohového dough:

Bravčové karé on chickpeas: simple ale chutný obed inspired by how food before school.

Vegetable risotto: fragrant šampiňóny, already in risotto sauce.

What the season gave me, I found risotto and it turned out to be good, quick and cheap.

Light lunch: The famous Greek salad.

A classic that we all love. A good Greek salad.

Already thinking about what to cook for dinner? Check out our tips:

Zemiakovo-pórová sauce: Additional krémová

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What about in the evening? 30 proven recipes for a delicious dinner for everyone

Updated: 09/08/2022

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