Zemiakový salat and tie najchutnejše spósoby! Traditional and obscure versions, which are popular

We bring you the most delicious and popular recipes for poctivý zemiakový salad.

Traditional ingredients are less common

We eat zemiaky almost every day, but we always find new inspiration when we prepare it. We have prepared for you a list of delicious homemade salad recipes, where zemiaky rules. In addition to the traditional mayonnaise salad, you can find a combination of potatoes and fruits, mung beans or arugula. They are really delicious and popular not only on the festive table.

Even before you start cooking, you need to know the type of potato that should be used in the salad. We advise you.

What types of potatoes do we know?

Types of potatoes are divided into food, industrial and food. According to the time they are collected, we divide them into early, which are collected from May to June, early, which are collected from July to September, and late, which are collected from September to October. they are suitable for winter harvest. You can also come across washed potatoes in stores, which are washed with clay or unwashed, which contain clay and sometimes keys.

Depending on what you are going to use zemiaky, you should consider what type of safe you buy in the store. We know 4 safe types of potatoes:

Safe Type A – zemiaky is a solid structure after welding. It is a very light powder, but it does not cook even after cooking for a long time. They are especially suitable for salads, cooking in soups, baking or as a separate dish.

Protected type B – this type is very versatile. It is menje fijštky, viac múčny and varením sa partie rozpadáva. Zemiaky type B is good for polievok, but it is mainly used as a side dish.

Protected type C – contains a lot of starch. They are heated, so they are good for preparing, for example, potato dough, porridge or potato pancakes.

Safe Type D – and sweet potatoes, which are easy to cook. They are good, for example, for preparing potato dough.

Druhy zemiakov podla varného typu


In stores you can also meet the type of potatoes, for example AB, BC. It is important to remember what is most popular, that is, A is a salad, B is a side dish, and you need type C to prepare porridge or potato dough.

If you have the right color, you just have to choose the salad recipe that catches your eye first. We have selected 20 of the funniest and funniest combinations for you.

Hrnčekový salad with apples It is designed for non-traditional recipe lovers. A delightful combination of sweet and salty flavors:

Chutný zemiakový salad with ham and apples.

Very good potato saladto which we added meat and vegetables:

Traditional potato salad We are planning from the very beginning to the very large. He eats a lot, but always to the last spoonful:

Free salad – finding the best way to make Vlašský salat is difficult. We were able to find and try:

A delicious homemade salad that no one can resist.

Potato salad according to Tánička. We can’t imagine Sunday without it:

Ku caprovi, k údenému či len tak sámó…, tento excellent, rokmi verifiedený recept musotes…

Potato salad s jemne kyslastou chuchsou a bez majonézy. So, try:

Zemiakový salát so špenátom and slaninkou it is served as lunch or dinner. Satisfy and satisfy even beginners in the kitchen thanks to its quick preparation:

A beautiful, fresh, delicious winter salad.

New Year’s potato salad It’s moist and very tasty the next day:

Cabbage and potato salad He will win over you immediately. Godí sa ako sozágny chod ale aj aj aje barbecue dish:

Mayonnaise salad and chlebíčky podla Evky. How to make the following recipes:

Salad not on chlebíčky:

Cauliflower-zemiakovy salad is the result of a random combination of ingredients, which led to our top recipe:

I couldn’t find any method on the internet, but this is how I made a suitable mjamku for everything.

Slovenian potato salad without mayonnaise as poriadnou dávkou cibuľky:

Kyslý salát without mayonnaise was prepared by our grandmother. Simple,…

Zemiakovy spring salad and mung beans and pažítkou. The best:

I make such a salad in the spring when the leaves are young, but I serve them as a main meal, alone or as a side dish…

Zemiakový salad with red mustard but without mayonnaise. If you’re looking for healthy recipes, you’ll find yours:

This is a great way to make a potato mayonnaise salad,…

Gypsy salad It’s not about the ingredients, it’s about the preparation. Our favorite recipes are:

Potato salad topped with peas, celery and arugula. You can make this even better by adding cottage cheese. You won’t regret it:

Prepare a fresh salad and yogurt sauce enough verzia and sviatočný stool:

salad Vajíčkovo-zemiakový before you go, but on a fixed date:

A delicious salad with prím zemiaky and eggs in it. It’s good if…

Sviatočný zemiakový salat by adding chicken or meat, you will feel sorry for yourself. He goes to every festival:

Zemiakový salat a little different:

Potato salad according to Sylvia with tartar sauce and sour cream:

Potato salad in a healthy version with eggs and corn:

Chutný zemiakový salad without mayonnaise with eggs and corn. A better version…

Dolniacky zemiakový salat od babičky are not allowed in our víbre fajálať. A classic that never gets old:

Here’s how to prepare zemiakový salat na dolniakoch…

In addition to potatoes, a quick pasta salad is very popular. It pleases the fresh taste and especially bleskou predženou. Let me like it, choose:

Bread salads

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