Zlepované vianočné čivov: Proven recipes for linecké and other tea cakes

We can’t even imagine Christmas without lineckého cakes. In addition to traditional recipes, we add some well-proven and excellent Christmas cookies.

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Suché’s Christmas bread is delicious. However, when you take two cakes and combine them with something delicious, they become a mixed temptation.

The most famous zlepované koláčiky is Linské koleska. So, to begin with, we offer you a guaranteed way of Linz street, which you can enjoy in peace every holiday.

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Základné Linecé Street

Základný secret of Linecé Street

A delicate buttery pastry with vanilla and citrus fruits, sticky and fruity…

Soft butter cookies are held together using a homemade, mild sour beer. Šípkový or ríbezľový will be good:

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Linecé srdiečka

Fragile Linecké cesto so šipkovým lekvárom this time in tvare milých…

Double nutty delights are brought with other cookies. Cake with orechového cesta sa pívo do tvvarých lových ořiškov vyříže oriěškové plnky.

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Christmas Nuts

Oriešky, as ingredients, only have their permanent place in Christmas cooking. But don’t forget that…

Another delicious bread. After drying, the dough with a large amount of golden ears is processed through a meat grinder with a special mixer, and after cooking it is wrapped together with sour beer and dipped in chocolate.

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Mlynčekové pastry

Mlynčekové sviatočné cake

This secret is a Christmas and wedding classic. Shortbread combined with spicy lekvár.

Then we decided to go to Argentina. His alfajores are similar to all of Latin America. Sušienky with krehkého cesta includes caramelized salko and is finally wrapped in crispy coconut. Yum!

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Crispy Butter Cookies (Alfajores)

Butter Cookies (Alfajores)

Soft butter cookies with caramel and coconut come from Latin America…

Kakaové sušienky we all love

Beautiful and delicious cookies, which pair wonderfully with tea and Christmas cakes.

Cocoa biscuits with coconut filling, decorated with chocolate and grated coconut

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3x Christmas cocoa cookies

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